Who’s priority counts?


Ok this is a little dark so caution talking about infertility and lady bits and sadness……

Today I got back from the DR with a definitive diagnosis of Deep Endometriosis, and PMDD.

Since modern medicine in very concerned about ‘keeping me fertile’…. my only options are to take hormones until I am no longer ‘breed-able”…. then they will bother to do a surgery to address the chronic pain I have been in for 15 years. Or I can have a radical hysterectomy…….

On the one hand I am so happy to have found a DR that is not shipping me off to yet another shrink….. on the other, there is nothing really that can be done to solve my pain…

I have one year left of school and then have plans to open my own childcare centre!

But the only way to qualify for surgery to stop the pain is to attempt to have a child for 1 calendar year… Do I drop out of school to have a ‘Hail Mary’ Baby? And even if I did, I don’t have a job with maternity benefits yet… Is my dream of ever having any type of career success over before it even starts?

Sorry for the long rant

TLDR: Illness fucks with life.

also this is my “it’s a gorgeous day but i’m bleeding internally” face

One thought on “Who’s priority counts?

  1. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I had laparoscopy in January. It was a scary and painful experience. I do believe that you can lessen the symptoms of endometriosis with nutrition, and I have had some success with it. It just involves a lot of trial-and-error. I am on a very restricted diet now, but it has helped.

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