Going back to school as an adult…

or shall we just call it torture?

I’m making a Powerpoint with 2 other grown women over 30. One who arrives to our meeting so coked out she can’t even form a sentence and the other is on such a white-guilt power trip that working with her while awful makes me resolved to be NOT her , and therefore I come home and read my diversity papers with conviction I feel shamed to admit I did not have before.

I spend my days balancing inclusive practice courses with trying to make a workshop/presentation for a teacher who still and says

then these students of mine, who I’m not really sure if they were Korean or Chinese, but you know, anyway they were Asian

And my group-mate is so sweet… with her tales of woe how her ex-boyfriend wont pay her rent anymore since she’s changed majors so may times (she’s 31)

So sweet with her vapid  that we move our work spot so she can stalk some jock in the library as if we are 14 again and she’s asking me to pass notes..


Except that I am not 14, and all I want is to have someone


make the



for once.


Also this is my new prickle-baby Herbie. He is a 6 month old african pigmy hedgehog, and he hates everything and I love him so much.IMG_2998


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