Hurt People Hurt People: Bottom Line

Hurt people hurt people…
thanks for this post jess. I’m feeling really hurt lately and i can tell because of how much hurting im doing


“If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.”


This is one of the most important life lessons one could ever learn for both a person who is hurting another and for the subject being hurt.  This is why I never judge another person for almost anything he or she does.  A couple of days ago a tragedy happened in our little town: a thirty-one year old male was found by two fisherman dead after drowning in the lake we live in.  Authorities say there were no signs of foul play and they are currently doing a toxoligy  report.  Some of the children my daughter plays with are older and one said: “Well if he was on drugs he deserved to drown.”  As much as I wanted to go into my spiel about ‘victims of victims’ and that we should be praying for this man, not condemning him, I…

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