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Last week before school – Or COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!!! (Says the catastrophizer)

This is a weird year here in BC to be getting “Ready for school”.

For me it means buying text books, and organizing notebooks, but for most of our province, it means facing a looming deadline of shit. “Where to put the kids?” “How to get to work?” “How to pay the bills if you are a teacher or an employee of a school?” and most importantly:

“How are we supposed to look our teachers in the eyes and not beg them for their forgiveness that we are so terrified of change that we cannot support them in the way that we should? 12 years teachers have had to endure a government that refuses to place education as THE #1 priority. 

As most British Columbian’s know, our Public school teachers are STILL on strike (not BACK on strike as some of our media outlets like to report. “Those teachers just LOVE that strike pay, they’re lazy and just want to sand there and collect money for doing nothing”

I am in University, studying for a education position and I wish to work in BC when I have graduated.  I find it troubling that our government will not concede to 2 Supreme Court Rulings that have sided with teachers that the right to control class size & composition, is a RIGHT as a Canadian citizen.

This is OUR school system. This is what is educating OUR peers, OUR citizens! and maybe it is just the bubble I have been living in lately, but no one seems to care. Our Ministers break CONTRATUAL-MEDIA-BLACKOUTS to brainwash desperate and scared parents into believing they will receive $40 a day of OUR money, so that they can keep bargaining in bad faith. Nevermind that this money will not be doled out until after an agreement has been reached. 

Now only someone who doesn’t have children would like this is even remotely logical. Good thing Christy Clark doesn’t want families or parents as a voter base. We’re too poor to be of any use to her. So who cares that we just won’t be having school this year! Put out a media report touting our huge budget surplus! BC’ers will never put 2 and 2 together to say

“Hey yo’ Gov! What up? why you not give that surplus to the teachers? Then you don’t need to worry so much about how to spend it and you know we could have .. like.. schools and stuff…… No? .. That’s crazy talk?… You’re right.. how silly of me… how else would you be able to put your kids in a better private school if there wasn’t shitty/poor/overrun schools to compare yours against.”

– Signed (sadly not enough of) BC’ers.


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