2 days in a row! OMG: Ok ths week we’re going with School vs.Work vs. Health

So yesterday was a good catch up. Made me realize that since April I have only accomplished maybe 10% of my to-do lists which is pretty depressing.

Also yesterday  I had a long overdue appointment with Mr.Wise. For all of you who already see health professionals, you know what that means. 1 full hour of just bawling. And being reminded of all the things I already know I should be doing.

So instead of making giant lists I’m gonna just do top 3’s from now on

#1 – I am pretty sure I am not going to physically or mentally be able to do both a 40/hr work week as well as night classes. Just the thought of September arriving has been giving me major panic attacks and stress, which has pushed my pain THROUGH THE ROOF. Dr thinks I should tell my boss that to have me, means to have me part time. And that if they dont want me part time, then I should embrace it and just go to school.

So basically I have 3 weeks to decide what I want fall to look like.

  • Work – dont go to class= lots of $$, the wedding paid off, A get’s to get settled into his new position, I get to spend a little bit longer working on getting better physically.
  • Work- do a couple night classes = Still get all the good $$ and presents from the realtors for the Wedding, and I get to conquer 2 classes that are only offered in Fall semester (Which basically means that I dont put myself an entire year behind in school) BUT will most likely end up having a breakdown and either losing my job or failing the classes or killing someone or myself.
  • Quit work – take out student loans and bursaries = go into debt for the wedding, BUT be done school by next summer and then can start working in centres.

#2 – Ok so # 1 was pretty uckin heavy so maybe we will just leave it there for now.



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