So it’s been a little while…

Since I’ve posted anything (other than some amazing reblogs).

I want to rejoin the daily writing team so this is going to be just a bit of pent of ramble.. but I am hoping to start posting every Wednesday moving forward.


I guess a good place to start is my To-Do List from April. Let’s see how I did shall we?


1) Fix Blog – Nope. I’ve done absolutely nothing to alter it 😦

However, after working on our wedding blog I think I am ready to give it another shot. I am going to keep this on on the new To Do list

Conclusion:  F   Back on the list!

  • Blog
    • Find theme I like
    • Organize posts
      • Add categories for reblogs, etc
    • Make a Weekly posts calendar on Monday
      • Write draft Tuesday
      • Take a picture and up load it Wednesday
      • Review draft and add pictures
      • Post the next Monday.


  • Take a picture every day: Nope!

I’ve taken more pictures than usual. I actually took quite a few at my Grandfathers Birthday and our trip to Comox. As well I’ve pulled it out 5 or 6 times on my own. I have however started carrying it with me all the time. That’s a start right?

Conclusion: C-   Back on the list!!

  • No Smokes: Let’s just leave this alone for today.
  • #4 about loading said pictures online. To wich i say…..FAIL. I should however. I have so many good pictures of the lil cousins and to send them to ll the fam would be amazing.

Conclusion: LET’S DO IT!!!

  • Make apt w/ Dr. Why-Even-Bother

This is going to need to be it’s own blog post. Short story: I’m done with her, I’ve found a new family clinic that accepts new patients. I still have to go down and kick some but over a $60 fee they are trying to charge me, but luckily it’s almost over.

  • Kathleen: Dropping the Class.
    • Again needs it’s own post. Working on a post to do list!
  • #6: Shrink&OT: not going so well. I am having a hard time getting the time off work to do as many of these as I should be L
  • #7: Did it! Got books! Even extra books on Kobo. Woo voluntarily reading Foucault!
  • #8: Dit it! Made July go by quick! I should make a new one for September
  • #9: Nope, no crib board
  • #10: ooo the eggs turned out so great.The girls LOVED THEM!!
  • #11: Got baskets instead!
  • #12: Went to see them instead!!!!!
  • #13: We had a walking date, was nice. I suck at being a friend.
  • #14: No Catie. Bad friend

Ok so now that we are all caught up on me making giant lists that I don’t follow…. Get ready for tomorrow’s new list!




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