Jagged little pill: has the recovery narrat gone too far?

A Very interesting read. As someone trying to come to grips with my mental health while being in academia, I feel very pressured on both sides. On one hand, pretending that despite my issues, I can keep pace with everyone else, that I can do a million things, and be productive, and, and, and…. And on the other.. when I need to ask for help, I have set myself up as this person who does a million things, and I get shamed into being told I need to do less, that I AM less…. When really I just need some understanding or a simple alteration to the status quo, and I can still do a million things, but I can do them in a way that allows me to breath at the end of the day.


I feel that in writing this post, which has been brewing for a long time, I am saying something that some might see as controversial. So let me start by making something clear. This post is not intended to criticise the work of the big charities – I am a proud member of Mind and Rethink Mental Illness and have undertaken both paid and voluntary work for both organisations. I have also volunteered for Time to Change and made a TTC pledge at last year’s Mind Media Awards. A huge amount of good work is being done on a daily basis to challenge public perceptions of mental health and to normalise discussions of the topic. Time to Change is entirely right to highlight just how peculiar it is that mental health stigma continues to loom so large given that a quarter of the population is thought experience some form of…

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