Weekly To-Do

I’m getting married!!

I know we covered that in my last post but it is just starting to sink in!


Also I know this wasn’t billed as a wedding blog so I am working on figuring out these themes so I can find one I like. (one that has nice sections, so I could have a section for wedding planning/dreaming make posts, and then a section for crazy ramblings (since let’s be honest that’s what happens most often here) and then a 3rd section for kitchen/diy (that I NEVER post, but maybe would be tempted to more if it was easier to see the sections.)

But so far I can only see that working if I have a main page and I don’t really know how to make a main page. I think it makes me anxious as I have to create something with more permanence in mind.

Yes I know all blog posts are permanent, but I guess the knowledge that they scroll down to where I can’t see them, and therefore no longer exist, comforts me into thinking that what I write here doesn’t have any permanent consequences.

Main Page Requirements

  1. Picture: Really I should be putting 1 new picture a week. Maybe a spot for a rotating picture? Where do the pictures go after their week is up?
  2. Menu bar: Along the top, That means I need top categorize my life.. ahhh ok 3 categories.  Fuck,  see…The problem is that it’s really 4 categories, but I know I never post enough in either food or DIY for them to merit their own category. I guess if I give them their own page maybe I’ll just have to post there. Ok fine. 4 categories!


Culinary Trial & Error

DIY: I do it myself because I’m too broke/proud not to

Does this make me sound crazy?

Wedding Nonsense


  1. Header:
  2. Write up:
  3. Most recent post:

Other items on my To-Do list this week.

  1. Take a picture every day
  2.  No smokes!
  3. Load a picture/post every day – (writing an email with a picture in it is an appropriate substitution)
  4. Make appointment with Dr. Why even bother – Thursday!
  5. Make appointment with Kathleen – Already sent the email!
  6. Make appointment/ call and confirm appointments with Shrink & OT
  7. Get books/requirements for classes starting next week.
  8. Make up a calendar for the whole term + concerts and special events
  9. Buy a crib board – ETSY!!!!!
  10. Re-Layer, tie-up and wash felted egg-shells
  11. Spray-paint egg cartons
  12. Mail eggs&carton to Twins
  13. Date with Rita – TUESDAY
  14. Date with Catie – I DONT KNOW YET

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