Boots.. Boots…. and a ring?

Alright well since the usual turn of events is for me to post how awful my Monday is going.. This week I thought I would change it up.

Or more accurately A thought he would change it up.

I’m engaged!


Monday morning on the Oregon Coast A told me that he wants to spend the rest of his life making me as happy as I have made him over the last 3 years. I nearly melted.

Also… I don’t know if anyone has told you his but getting engaged is crazy. We’ve put a 3 week moratorium on any sort of planning. Just to enjoy it and let it sink in a bit.

We realized this was important after only 2 hours into the engagement we were bickering about wedding party and trying to agree on colours. haha

But because I am who I am and love a good list, I’m starting with 3 big points that I will break down into smaller more manageable lists and hopefully share that process here too.

Wedding List #1

1. Make 5 Girlfriends: A has a lot of friends. Good, long-term solid friends. I have… acquaintances. Many lovely arm’s-length acquaintances. I have just over a year to turn at minimum 5 of those acquaintances into good enough friends to have in a wedding. (A informed me he would prefer to have a 5 person wedding party.. oi)

2.Choose a date: We need to factor in me being in school. friends who are teachers, family members whoa re in school, and family members that live half or all the way around the globe. Easy-peasy right?  Oh also it needs to have a perfect 10 blossom factor… but we’ll get into blossom factors later… 3 Weeks!

3.Specialist Wrangling: While I am overjoyed with the opportunity that the Chronic Pain program has offered me, they have 3 specialists, who all want to se me once a week. Add in a GP who hates me, and a medical system that encourages 8-10 month wait times for referrals…. I need to get this shit in order before I even contemplate weddings.






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