Hey so this time it’s monday and it’s not the worst.

I set my alar for 6, and then gave myself a full 30 min snooze. I reset all the phone alarms so I actually got a right amount of rest, and then I got up a bit early and had a shower.


A made me eggs avocado and toast, and with a little bit of apple juice and the new knowledge that I am a human being and I get to take a coffee break AND a lunch break, I skipped off to work.

My talk with my boss went really well Friday. I told him I had been having a really hard time overcoming my anxieties in the morning because I had let my routine lag, and since I wasn’t taking any breaks I was just powering through and suffering pretty decent panic attacks for it. I also explained about all the new CP appointments and we came to a very reasonable agreement, where if I call in a temp I will be docked the hours, but no more, and that my boss will have a chat with the owners on getting a permanent lunch hour put in place so that I do not have to deal with feeling guilty for taking a break.


Despite the fact that I leaked a few tears, I generally held my cool, and he was really reasonable. I made sure to tell him that I knew the important thing was for the office to have as little disruption as possible, but I also made it clear that my health is my #1 priority right now, and with each of these appointments being around $150 a pop, even paying for a temp outright would be cheaper than trying to see all these specialists on my own.


And again he was super reasonable about it. As if I was just another human being asking for her federally mandated lunch hour back…. weird right.




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