Alright Monday, let’s do this thing!

Well today is going alright. Not super but not devastating either (Like last monday oi!)

There are a few major hurdles before me this week….

BUT let’s skip that for now and start with the good.

1) I wrote a VERY hard email to a friend today. I do not presume she will respond, but doing the right thing and getting my feelings off my chest feels GOOD.

2) I started the day with an EMPTY inbox (because I was a good worker Friday 🙂 ) and will have an empty one when I leave today.

3) I had an AMAZING weekend with my man. We went out: dinner with friends, then Dancing all night to Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. Bit of a meltdown before leaving the house…. but we talked about why I was anxious.. and then made some plans to combat those anxieties.. then had a real good time.. Who woulda thunk it?


As for the bads… I have to go to my GP today to have her fill out a physician statement for my upcoming practicum. I am feeling very uneasy about the whole situation as last time I saw her she made me literally grovel for meds….. Also I am feeling a bit unsure of how to approach “coming out” to my teachers and the school, as a large portion of this physician statement is regarding mental health.

If I have her sign off.. does that mean I am signing away my rights to mental health support.. Do I go and fake an appointment and hide my fears so as to get a good report? If I don’t does that mean I can’t work with children? I know legally employers cannot discriminate because of mental health issues, but when it comes to children.. are the rules different? If I go in admitting I struggle with things others do not struggle with.. does that mean I can no longer participate?

This of course is why we need to push against the discrimination of mental illness, but do I want my career path to be the path I push this fight down?



4 thoughts on “Alright Monday, let’s do this thing!

  1. I am glad you had a good weekend! Your relationship with your man sounds a lot like mine, it takes a good man to be able to deal with a woman with mental illness and anxieties. I’m glad you have one too 🙂

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of worries and these worries seem to over power the good happenings in your life at this time. Can totally relate. Any topic on mental Heath is tough as people always think bad of it because they don’t understand it and are ignorant towards finding out. It if doesn’t affect people they brush people under the carpet who have it. So wrong for the 21st century. I can understand your fears about it effecting your career but it sounds like you fight with it in your life so to me I would push the fight. Hope whatever you decide works for you. I think the most important part is it sounds like you have a choice should you shouldn’t you. Remembering we have choices can be a powerful thing. Choices mean we at least have control over that if nothing else in our lives eg. Fears feelings worries. 👍

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I often feel like I have more worries than good things, but when I write them out the worries are so trivial and the good things so wonderful that I just end up putting guilt and shame into the worry side to even it out you know.

      I’m working on making positive choices. Check out today’s post, Friday I made some kick-ass choices and even thought they were terrifying, they couldn’t have worked out better.

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