Physio and the CP Center

So I have recently been accepted into the Chronic Pain centre here at St Paul’s Hospital.

I had my 3rd physio appointment today, and booked a session with an occupational therapist as well.

Oh physio…I never know how to feel about you.


Sure I understand that the “exercises” you’re giving me will help. But spending an hour with a woman who is beyond cheerful teach me how to nod my head for an hour is just so…. deflating.

I mean lessons on how to nod my head? How to breathe? Who needs a teacher for those things….


But on the bright side I did get some new tennis balls, and got to miss half-day of work…



Also I told a friend about my issues too soon into our relationship and now I’m feeling nervous as I haven’t heard back from her after my confession.. Anyone out there with tips on how and when to bring issues such as hela

Happy Friday!


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