When someone bet’s you 2-Boots to No-Boots….

Walk away from that bet… Just trust me. When a woman is betting on boots, She’s serious.


In other news, today we are going to play,



Help Me Pick Out My New Boots!

Choice #1 – Pros: Well look at them!

Cons: I think the heal is too high, and that I won’t be able to walk in them.

SALE! 30% off! Boots Dark Blue Kim , leather shoes, handmade shoes. Women shoes, free shipping.


Choice # 2   Pros: Much more versatile, and I will most likely wear them every day

Cons: Black is kid of boring.. Maybe they’ll make this style with the dark blue colour for me…..

Choice # 3   Pros: Again Look at Them! I just want! So bad!

Cons: Again, I think they are not realistic and that the heel will kill me 😦

SALE! 36% off!  Boots Royal Blue Tania, handmade boots, heels, leather shoes. Women shoes, free shipping.

Choice #4 Pros: Sleek, different, very simple

Cons: I worry the light leather would stain…

Choice # 5 Pros: Flat, Sleek, Really fun

Cons: Can someone have too many pairs of yellow boots?

ON SALE Kim mustard, Yellow Boots, Flat Boots, Handmade Shoes, Leather Shoes


Choice # 6 Pros: SHARP

Cons: I can’t find any! (Other than I already have black ankle boots…..)


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