Let’s get going

Ok Thursday what you got?


I was not impressed with Wednesdays offerings so your up!


Last night we went and saw Veronica Mars (<3!) with ‘s sister and old roommate. Movie was great, but we still had words that needed exchanging after a bitch of a morning.

I know.. and I mean that, I do know it is not his fault that I am exhausted and at the end of my leash from trying to juggle school with work and .. you know.. life.

But I feel that asking not to be drunkenly woken up with your pub stories, really isn’t that far-fetched.


Sometimes I feel like an old Granny, a big ol spoil sport, but then I remember that I’m pulling 14 hour days to try to meet some of the goals that I think will create a really amazing future… and he just plays xbox all day…


So here’s to my thursday.

Day 2 sans smokes.

But I’m 2 donuts in so……





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