Alright Wednesday.. Let’s do this!

Ok so … still no smokes wooo! Actually doing pretty good. haven’t had ANY since the 20th, and it was 3 weeks before that little snafu so I’m just calling it 1 month in.. and ya it’s good. I don’t feel nearly so jittery.. next step though is to quit the big MJ.

To be honest I am a little nervous but I am also sick of feeling dependent on something. I have managed to get myself off everything else, one last little hurdle can’t be all that bad.

Also I have 2 papers to write and I have barely started them. I even left class early last night because I was feeling so much stress from it all I thought I was going to be sick.

I’m not totally screwed, I’ve picked all my articles, made my citations list, and for the one even started to get it organized; however I am not moving nearly fast enough. But to be honest I never feel like I am moving fast enough….


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