Wow I also think I managed to post every day. Couple of them were re-blogs! but hey I still think that counts for a blog-crastinator like myself.

So today already sucks.

I totally do not get office politics.

So I ask my boss a few weeks ago if he would be into having a yoga workshop in our Boardroom on a Friday (as we do fun stuff like that!) and my friend Debbie offers a office-yoga workshop.

So all is good he gives me a few dates, I pick today order her up life is cool.

A client then asks me to organize her a “Ladies-Lunch” on the same day. I tell her what we are doing and offer ways to mix the 2, she agrees, tells me sounds great I organize the whole she-bang.

Then I get an email from my boss(‘s iPhone) that someone complained that the day would be too full and that we needed to cancel the yoga. So fine, whatever I guess, I cancelled it.

THEN the woman comes asks me about the lunch plans and I told her that after the yoga was cancelled I assumed I wasn’t wanted to organize and that I would happily share her plans with the office but that I no longer knew what was happening. So she says ok well just cancel the lunch too.

WTF? So now no one gets to do anything fun? Why go through all the trouble?

I can’t wait until my clients are little people who will be fun sporadic entertainment seakers.




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