In the kitchen

Wedding show!

So my mom designs wedding cakes. Jewelcakes

Gorgeous copper washed butter-cream wedding cake with hand-sugared fresh wild roses and white gladiolas


Stunning works of art made from all organic ingredients and home-grown organic flowers that she hand-candies. To be honest, it’s kind of ridiculous. They are probably the most beautiful works of art I have seen. 

oooo so pretty!
This cake is only 6″ tall! (6″ – 4″ – 2″ diameter layers)
Sugared snap dragons dot the fondant
In the back you can see the purple mini gladiola cake. Ruffled fondant cup with flower petal edging & a hand-sugared Gladiola on top
Remove lights, add cakes! 

So last year she invited me to come up to the Comox Valley, and help her at her first bridal exposition. (That is where the mini cakes were made for!) This year we are stepping up our game and will be at the Nanaimo Bridal Exposition on Sunday Feb 9th!

Welcome to Bridal Exhibition

If any of you are even remotely in the neighbourhood, come stop by! We will be having plenty of tasters and you really can’t beet seeing these beautiful cakes in person.



That’s all cake!


ok, mom bragging post done!


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