Antique Printer Tray = DIY Jewelry board

Just a sneak peek. I actually have already finished this one. Sadly I didn’t get an after shot (DUMMY), but luckily I bought 2 so I will for sure take pictures of the end product next time.

For now here is a few shots of the during. This one had a paper backing each little box, and was mildew-y and kind of gross.

So I ended up putting the whole thing in the shower, scrubbing it down with some castile soap (Dr. Bronners – Rose scented lol)

– Letting it dry 50%

– Then I just kind of started digging all the paper out. I used a combination of: exacto knife, pliers, screwdriver, scraper, kitchen knife, fingers, a fork, a paperclip… There were a lot of little cracks and it turned out the paper must have been put down before the dividers, as there was bits to dig out underneath almost all the little spacers.

2/3 cleaned. Antique Victorian printers tray
2/3 cleaned.
Antique Victorian printers tray

I had plans also to varnish it, but once we had all the paper pulled up.. it just really didn’t need anything. I conditioned the wood with coconut oil, and screwed tiny hooks into each space.

My sister-in-law is a jewelry designer, but keeps her creations in a mason jar so I wanted something simple but beautiful for her to display her art.


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