Another New Year

Ok so 2013 didn’t turn out quite like I had expected.

I certainly didn’t write a blog post a day.

I had a cigarette this morning, so that’s still happening.

I lost my best friend. (This was probably the hardest part of my year)

I got accepted into University!

I started a new job, signed my first contract, got my first raise and my first bonus. (That’s right, a raise and a bonus all in the first year of working here!)

I learned how to Needlefelt, knit and refurbish kitchen cabinets.

I did NOT learn how to make bread.

I started therapy.

I kicked my pain meds to the curb.

I realized I love beets! (Sorry mom, you were right!)

I saw Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, The Head and the Hart, Mumford and Sons, Macklemore, Father John Misty (twice) Cake, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic zeros (twice), David Sedaris, Stuart McLean, Astroids Galaxy Tour, Vampire Weekend, The XX, Sigur Ros, Alt J, Bloc Party, The Postal Service, Drop Kick Murphys, MGMT, 2 Canucks shows (Thank you Marcie!), a few plays: Avenue Q and one about the G8 protests.

I got a sewing machine!

I broke my sewing machine.

I learned how to fix a sewing machine!

I ate good food, and laughed with good people, and was loved by a good man.

Thank you 2013


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