NaBloPoMo? More like NoBeScarMo!

Movember, nofunvember, Nanowrimo! Now we’ve got nablopomo (seriously? Do we really need to acronym that?)

I’m not sure when November turned into such a challenge based month, but other than being sick of awful acronyms {S.O.A.A anyone?} I’m actually starting to dig it. A good friend of mine is tackling Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) again and it got me thinking.

What is it about November that elicits such a strong desire to change your behaviors? Is it the realization that you’ve already wasted 11 months NOT accomplishing the goals you set last year? Or perhaps the changing of seasons prompts the desire to change ourselves. Either way, I’m creating my own personal November Challenge.

Do 1 thing outside my comfort zone every day. Now this might seem too vague compared to other November challenges, so I’ll help you out by making a ridiculous acronym for it. hehe NoBeScarMo!

Lately I have had a very bad habit of getting off work, looking at my calendar of events, then chickening out, going home and hiding from social gatherings. I make excuses such as “I’m tired.”, or “It was a long day.” or even “Noone will know if I don’t go.” That last one gets me in to trouble because now I have even graduated to the point of saying I’ve gone to things, when really I spent the night on the couch. (Sad I know)  The kicker for me was that I stayed home last night while A went out for Halloween. And I LOVE Halloween! Off he went fireworks in hand, and he had an amazing night out with great friends…. I stayed home, alone, and was miserable…

Most of this started when I quit smoking, as a good number of our friends smoke. And smoke heavily. So for the first couple weeks it was a very valid excuse. I was worried about slipping, and I was unsure of how to interact with our friends if I wasn’t smoking. Would I sit alone at the table when everyone goes out? How do I  give myself breaks or time out’s if I’m not allowed to have a cigarette? But I should be honest and point out that I have always had a certain level of social anxiety.

Now that I am a month and a half clean (woohoo!) I realize that eventually I am going to have to brave the outside world, and I think that NoBeScarMo is the time to do it.

So tonight I am off to have a drink after work, Saturday I am going to the pool, and Sunday I have a Beginners yoga workshop I am signed up for.

Wish me luck!


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