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Eff you cigs! Look at my new toy!

Adding yeast to a batch of Pandesal that unfortunately did not rise ūüė¶

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Got a new camera! Ya I did!!!!!!

This by no means is an extravagant purchase; however it is a big one for me, as I did it with the money I saved from not smoking!

1 month, days and 17 hours since my last cigarette! Which, thanks to my handy little counter down there  is already $250! How crazy is that? Gross!


So I got myself a little Nikon J1, and now I’m learning how to use it! haha ¬†I ask that you forgive¬†my growing pains. You should know I am very excited to learn.

The above picture I took in the early evening in my living room with no lights on. Blinds open but not up.  3rd  picture taken with it. I love it.!
Jar Hanger Step 2

This is a small project we did over the weekend. Mason Jar wall sconces. They are Gorgeous!

I’m not going to show the reveal yet, I will give them their own post. Besides I will need that room to show off the GIANT CHALKBOARD I painted in out dinning room. Below is the before shot of our kitchen/office. Stay tuned for a post on that sexy little pegboard too!

Dinning Room Before




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