You want me to do WHAT? EVERYDAY?

2 posts in a row had me thinking I was the bomb.. Turns out!…. You have to keep doing it. I thought somewhere that they would just start mystically writing themselves ya’ know?

Alright, well to re-cap my weekend:

1) Started A’s Anniversary  present. I am making a ticket stub shadow box and will post pictures next Friday. (see pic below for the Before teaser of my soon to be stunning kitchen)

2) Did the final coat of pain on my cabinets which, made the rest of the walls look to gross and yellow in comparison. Let the painting continue!

3) Went to “This Is The End” with A. The best part was the trailer for the new Rachel McAdams movie. 😐 I guess rape humor just isn’t for me.


On a personal note:

I have never been good at plan making. The whole idea of thinking a project through start-to-finish causes great anxiety. I think it is the process of anticipating where things can go wrong. I start going down the getting prepared path and I usually just freeze.

So…. That being said, lets make some goals!

Goals for June 17-23:

1) Sand and prime cabinet doors

2) Finish and assemble A’s gift

3) Refinish cabinet hardware

4) Take pictures of all 3 goals and share with you!

I must say it is number 4 that scares me the most.

As far as blogging goes. If anyone (reads this! haha no seriously) has tips for how to ease into daily blogging. maybe a weekly schedule you like to use, Id love to hear about it.


I like to take my before pictures in the hart of chaos time. That way the after shots remind me of just how much work it took getting there.


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