In the kitchen

Spring-Salad Rolls

Light, crispy, fresh, these spring rolls are perfect to pack on a summer picnic or for a appetizer with a really big taste. Feel free to use whichever vegetables or meats are in season, or in your fridge. Shredded chicken and basil are also deliciou.


Dip into Peanut Sauce or Nuoc Cham and enjoy!

Keeps in fridge in damp towel for 1-2 days

If they dry out you can re-wet tea towel and put back in fridge for an hour.


  • 10-12 raw tiger prawns
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 cucumber
  • Thai red Chilis
  • Cilantro
  • Lime
  • Rice noodles (thin vermicelli glass noodles)
  • Rice-paper wrappers
  • Bell peppers, lettuce, sprouts, mushrooms (optional)
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Garlic(optional)
  • Peanut sauce (recipe to come)
  • Nuoc Cham (recipe to come)


Step 1 –

Wash and cut all veg into thin-as-you-can match sticks as long as you want your spring rolls to be. Doesn’t have to be perfect, you just want everything approximately the same size.

Step 2 –

Soak glass noodles in boiling water until cooked (2-5 min. max) then rinse with cold water and drain.

Fill bowl large enough for rice paper wrappers with hot water (finger dipp-able temp)

Cover cutting board or flat plate with clean dishcloth, and have a damp cloth covered container to hold finished salad rolls if not eating immediately.

Step 3 –
Cook Prawns

Sauté prawns in a little butter with ginger and garlic.  Add a squirt of lemon or lime after taken off the heat. Cook until pink and opaque.  Do not over cook!

*optional* add fresh chilis to prawns, or cook in any other sauce. peanut is good or even bbq the prawns.

Step 4 –
Spring salad rolls
Lay prawns flat, top with noodles and veg

Start by dipping your rice paper wrapper into the warm water bowl.

Swirl around until pliable (10-30 seconds)

Lay flat on covered plate

Arrange your selection of noodles, veg and prawns in the center of the wrapper in one tight bundle.

Step 5 –
Roll up -over, side, side, pull back, roll up
The Roll

Fold bottom of Rice paper over your bundle.

Tuck in both sides

Pull back and tighten bundle, (You may need to hold on to top of wrapper when pulling)

Roll bundle forward




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