Mayweather v Pacquiao: Don’t Watch the Fight


fuck boxing in general but oof this sucks

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Yesterday I learned what a ‘rabbit punch’ is. In case you didn’t know, it’s a punch to the base of the skull, and is banned in the sport of professional boxing because it can cause spinal damage. Since most instances of punching someone in the head are illegal, it’s pretty much a no-no generally, but…

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Thank You, Sarah Silverman

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Last month, Sarah Silverman teamed up with Levo and encouraged women to ask for a raise.

I followed her lead. Spoiler alert: it worked.

Prior to watching Silverman’s video, I honestly had never thought about asking for a raise. I was under the impression that I was fortunate to make what was offered to me, that I was lucky to be employed, and that I did not deserve more.

I am a Special Education teacher and have been teaching for eight years now. Last year, I was hired at a small public charter high school in Denver, The Academy of Urban Learning (AUL). The school serves students in at-risk situations like poverty, gangs, homelessness, drug abuse, and neglect. I am the only Special Education teacher employed at our school, and my work spans physical disabilities, specific learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities and serious emotional disabilities.

A bit of backstory: during the 1980s, Denver Public Schools (DPS)…

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10 Huge Misconceptions About Emotional Child Abuse


this is hugely important and very well written

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[via Neal Sanche] [via Neal Sanche] “How could you have been abused?” a grossly misinformed person in an adult survivor’s life may say. “You had a roof over your head, food in your belly, clothes, and no one ever hit you!”

But as every adult survivor of emotional child abuse knows, the essentials—good attention, unconditional love, and emotional support—were missing.

Unfortunately, however, many misconceptions about emotional child abuse abound. Here’s a look at some of the biggest ones.

Misconception #1: Emotional abuse is another word for verbal abuse

Fact:Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse, non-verbal abuse, and non-physical forms of abuse.

“Child abuse is more than bruises or broken bones,” state Melinda Smith, M.D., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D, in a HelpGuide article. “While physical abuse is shocking due to the scars it leaves, not all child abuse is as obvious. Ignoring children’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, or making…

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This Is What We Should Teach Our Sons And Daughters About Sexual Assault

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Flickr / Jenna CarverFlickr / Jenna Carver

On August 19th, 1998, I became a father for the first time.

Oddly enough it was also my birthday and my wife told me, “This is the best gift I could ever give you.” She was right. I consider my daughter Livvy, and any time we can spend together, a precious gift.

That’s why, over her recent school break, I seized the opportunity to spend some Dad/Daughter time with her by taking a trip to the city together. She, seeing it as an opportunity to go shopping, jumped at the chance.

We did get some window shopping in, but my real purpose for the outing was to take her to see The Hunting Ground. It’s a stomach-churning documentary (from directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering) that highlights the epidemic of sexual assault on modern college campuses.

Not a light-hearted film to take your daughter to…

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Can someone just give me an A so I can go to bed already?

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Today I did four loads of laundry, including folding them and putting them away. I did two loads of dishes. My kitchen is clean and I cooked a delicious dinner for my family. I watched a puppet show my daughter put on and then sat and talked Minecraft with my boy.

Where is my report card?

Where is my A?

Who is going to say to me “way to go,” “thank you” and “you’re the best”?


That’s the answer.

I NEED a report card.

It’s ridiculous. Don’t you think I know that? Crazy even.

Don’t care. I still want one.

Need one.

I need someone, anyone, to tell me that I’m doing a good job. I need that passing grade as mother and homemaker.

Please, just give it to me.

I’ve worked for it.

I’ve earned it.


Growing up, I was the teacher’s pet (big surprise). I got…

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When Chronic Pain is Trauma: Processing Chronic Pain Memories from a Trauma Framework


k this is a self note to do this. i am trauma :(

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The Last Days 506

This past December, I spent a long time processing the year 2014. One of my intentions was to think through my best and worst memories from the year, but when the time came to process everything and write about it, I felt stuck. I have said it before, 2014 was a rough year. Processing everything that happened felt overwhelming, and I didn’t know how to start.

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