Divorcing the Robot


Yup! Just yups all around.

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It’s only tangentially related to the topic of this blog, but just so you know: my ranting, bitter denunciation of Facebook is live today here.

(For reasons I don’t understand, Google isn’t indexing the post on Medium.com, so I’m copying it after the break here. The original is much nicer to look at, of course.)

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2 days in a row! OMG: Ok ths week we’re going with School vs.Work vs. Health

So yesterday was a good catch up. Made me realize that since April I have only accomplished maybe 10% of my to-do lists which is pretty depressing.

Also yesterday  I had a long overdue appointment with Mr.Wise. For all of you who already see health professionals, you know what that means. 1 full hour of just bawling. And being reminded of all the things I already know I should be doing.

So instead of making giant lists I’m gonna just do top 3’s from now on

#1 – I am pretty sure I am not going to physically or mentally be able to do both a 40/hr work week as well as night classes. Just the thought of September arriving has been giving me major panic attacks and stress, which has pushed my pain THROUGH THE ROOF. Dr thinks I should tell my boss that to have me, means to have me part time. And that if they dont want me part time, then I should embrace it and just go to school.

So basically I have 3 weeks to decide what I want fall to look like.

  • Work – dont go to class= lots of $$, the wedding paid off, A get’s to get settled into his new position, I get to spend a little bit longer working on getting better physically.
  • Work- do a couple night classes = Still get all the good $$ and presents from the realtors for the Wedding, and I get to conquer 2 classes that are only offered in Fall semester (Which basically means that I dont put myself an entire year behind in school) BUT will most likely end up having a breakdown and either losing my job or failing the classes or killing someone or myself.
  • Quit work – take out student loans and bursaries = go into debt for the wedding, BUT be done school by next summer and then can start working in centres.

#2 – Ok so # 1 was pretty uckin heavy so maybe we will just leave it there for now.



So it’s been a little while…

Since I’ve posted anything (other than some amazing reblogs).

I want to rejoin the daily writing team so this is going to be just a bit of pent of ramble.. but I am hoping to start posting every Wednesday moving forward.


I guess a good place to start is my To-Do List from April. Let’s see how I did shall we?


1) Fix Blog – Nope. I’ve done absolutely nothing to alter it :(

However, after working on our wedding blog I think I am ready to give it another shot. I am going to keep this on on the new To Do list

Conclusion:  F   Back on the list!

  • Blog
    • Find theme I like
    • Organize posts
      • Add categories for reblogs, etc
    • Make a Weekly posts calendar on Monday
      • Write draft Tuesday
      • Take a picture and up load it Wednesday
      • Review draft and add pictures
      • Post the next Monday.


  • Take a picture every day: Nope!

I’ve taken more pictures than usual. I actually took quite a few at my Grandfathers Birthday and our trip to Comox. As well I’ve pulled it out 5 or 6 times on my own. I have however started carrying it with me all the time. That’s a start right?

Conclusion: C-   Back on the list!!

  • No Smokes: Let’s just leave this alone for today.
  • #4 about loading said pictures online. To wich i say…..FAIL. I should however. I have so many good pictures of the lil cousins and to send them to ll the fam would be amazing.

Conclusion: LET’S DO IT!!!

  • Make apt w/ Dr. Why-Even-Bother

This is going to need to be it’s own blog post. Short story: I’m done with her, I’ve found a new family clinic that accepts new patients. I still have to go down and kick some but over a $60 fee they are trying to charge me, but luckily it’s almost over.

  • Kathleen: Dropping the Class.
    • Again needs it’s own post. Working on a post to do list!
  • #6: Shrink&OT: not going so well. I am having a hard time getting the time off work to do as many of these as I should be L
  • #7: Did it! Got books! Even extra books on Kobo. Woo voluntarily reading Foucault!
  • #8: Dit it! Made July go by quick! I should make a new one for September
  • #9: Nope, no crib board
  • #10: ooo the eggs turned out so great.The girls LOVED THEM!!
  • #11: Got baskets instead!
  • #12: Went to see them instead!!!!!
  • #13: We had a walking date, was nice. I suck at being a friend.
  • #14: No Catie. Bad friend

Ok so now that we are all caught up on me making giant lists that I don’t follow…. Get ready for tomorrow’s new list!




My Kids Eating Lunch Under a Blanket in Honor of National Breastfeeding Month


Now this is funny.

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Kids eating

In honor of National Breastfeeding month, I made my kids eat their lunch under a blanket just like the old days of when they were infants. It turns out it isn’t the ideal way to eat. Who knew?

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Lies my Mother Tells


Oi this one hits a lliiiiiittttllee too close for comfort.

or does it? sigh.

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We may have touched on this a time or two, but my mom is a goddamned liar. I mean that in the nicest way possible, but that lady can tell a whopper before she even realizes she’s talking.

My husband knows this better than most.

I will accost him with some new and interesting piece of information like, “Hey, Did you know that pine nuts actually come from inside pine cones? That pine tree in our backyard is lousy with pine nuts. I can make pesto! From our TREE!”

To which my husband will reply, “Did your mother tell you that? Because you know she lies.”

Every. Single. Time. And he’s right, gallingly enough (though not about the tree. I got that shit from a book).

When mom was in school, she told a handful of people that her sister had a metal plate in her head. There had been a terrible accident…

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Punishing the recovered, for the actions of the illness. Separating the person from the condition.


Very helpful advice for anyone living with or loving someone who deals with mental health challenges

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I am currently well, or at least in recovery, and I am dealing with the consequences of the actions of my ‘sick’ self. Yes…for newbies, I suffer with mental health problems.

Whilst it is said one in three of us will suffer from some sort of mental health disorder at some point in our life, understanding and compassion is still lacking for those of us that suffer. OK I get it, Unless you have actually experienced depression or a specific mental health problem you will not understand. I suffer with Depression, BPD and OCD but I do not understand the suffering of say….a schizophrenic.

Why is it that once well, I am made to suffer the punishment for the things I have done whilst sick? On the whole, my family have been very forgiving, often sweeping things under the carpet but I have lost friends over this. Close, best…

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